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  1. Marriage registration, husband-Canadian, wife-Ukrainian, in Ukraine.
  2. Marriage registration, husband-Russian, wife-Russian, in Russia.
  3. Marriage registration, husband-Canadian, wife-Russian, in Russia.
  4. Marriage registration, in Canada(Vancouver).
  5. Marriage registration, in Canada(Montreal).
  6. Marriage registration, in Canada(Toronto).

"Canadian", "Russian" и "Ukrainian" - here means citizenship.

Husband - here assumed to be a sponsor, and Wife to be a sponsored spouse to Canada.

Situation when both have Ukrainian citizenship would be same as when both are Russians.

(!) Check spelling of your names in ALL documents and ALL translations. Even one letter wrong spelled can "kill" whole process.

1. Marriage registration, husband-Canadian, wife - Ukrainian, in Ukraine.

Thanks for the article to Natalya (Ove4ka).
Addition (after the article) - thanks to user Mama_Natasha.

[SC: Ukrainian dollar - hryvnia, 8 Ukrainian hryvnia = 1 Canadian Dollar, approximately]

We just passed whole process of registering marriage in Ukraine, and while I remember I writing this step by step. I am sure, this will help many people to save time and nerves. Why I am that sure - when yesterday we were in Canada embassy to pick up our marriage certificate, we met a couple who just started all the process. And they did not know a lot and even did not expected.

So -

1. Groom order marriage license (statement that he can marry, or was married but now he divorced). It takes 2-3 weeks to get it. Correction from user Irinka : as of June 2011 the time to get the licence  - 7 weeks. [Sponsor-Canada: in year 2012 our clients got it for about a month, so it may vary, be ready]

2. Groom flies to Ukrain (should go directly to Kiev, because everything started here) with passport, birth certificate and driver license, and marriage license (all - must have). Driver license is needed to confirm address of living, this is requirement from our ZAGS [Sponsor-Canada: its a marriage registration office).

3. Then you go to Canadian embassy with all theese documents, in consulate department, arrive in the morning 8:30-12:00, pay ZZZ hryvnia (Ukrainian money) (or 50$ canadian) to the girl in  the administrative office, and after lunch time (usually about  15:00-16:00) she will give you Declaration with Ukrainian translation, that there is no objection to marry, and address of groom in Canada. She will warn you that spelling of groom name in all documents be issued further in Ukraine must be identical to one in the Declaration. So be carefull. If you have your own idea how to spell groom's name in Ukrainian - just tell her and she will do it in Declaration.

4. Next day, in the morning 9:00-12:00 you go to MID(Ukrainian), specificly into department that placed across church "Mihailovskaya" into legalization department, bring there Declaration (from embassy) , and there you will got legalization of the document. It costs 34 hryvnia  (prices may vary), they do it fast, no waiting lines. You pay right there. Pick up after lunch time at 16:00.

5. Then you order notarized translation of your groom passport from English to Ukrainian. Even if instructions don't tell about notarization - ZAGS [SC: marriage registration office] will require this anyway. Pay attention!!!!! First and Last name must absolutely match spelling in Declaration. Otherwise its a lost money. In Kiev it cost 100 hryvnia, in our city - 150 hryvnia (prices for year 2008).

6. Next, you gonna get married [SC: registered marriage in ZAGS]  - if you married in Kiev - then you to ZAGS and fill in application. If not (as we did) - you go to "oblastnoy center (city)" [SC: similar to provincial capital], where you find a RAGS [SC: similar to ZAGS but higer level] and they provide you with a permission to marry foreigner. It costs 43 hryvnia, you pay in nearest bank.

7. Next go directly to ZAGS. But!!!! If you would like to marry without "official one month" waiting, but faster, then you have to provide valid reason (pregnancy, or a return ticket). We had a return ticket as a reason, electronic version, and officer at ZAGS requested notarized translation of the electronic ticket!!!!!!!!!! Because they do not understand English [SC: all official papers must be in Ukrainian or have notarized translation to Ukrainian].  This is 150 hryvnia more and plus problems to find qualified translator in small town.

8. Marriage itself ("Svadba"). [SC: in exUSSR countries this includes official registration, then small break, then reception at home or restaurant(a big one), so - all together].

[SC: we deleted from this place information about legalization of marriage certificate for Canada. There is NO organization that require this! So even those who did this - confirmed that legalization is never needed in Canada. So, to avoid  confusing we deleted this part.

Once again - for ZAGS you must legalize documents. But after ZAGS - it is not needed.

Thanks to Karilinka75 for this very usfull remark]

And the last step - make a notarized translation of your marriage certificate. Prices are very different, so we did near Italian embassy inside the yard. It is on the street "Yaroslavov Val", a little bit further to "Zolotye Vorota". Price - 100 hryvnia, but in translation buro near Canadian embassy price is 180.


Next is part  2. Spouse visa.

Hope our experience will help you to plan, how many days you will spend for the whole process.

We spent 2 days in Kiev+1 day in "oblastnoy center"+svadba[SC: marriage] (2 days preparation+1 day marriage itself)+7 days honeymoon [...] In total we fit into less than 3 weeks, with a well-deserved rest.

Additionally: on the CIC Canada web-site there is a list and description of necessary "Documents required to get married with a Ukrainian on the territory of Ukraine" in English - click here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Update (10 Ноября 2011):

Nothing changed in the process, slightly prices, legalization in MID  102 hryvnia + 3 hryvnia bank service, Canadian embassy - 400 hryvnia.

We translated birth certificate and driver license, but in central ZAGS in department of Justice they said that those dicuments are not necessary for application [SC: for marriage registration]. Return ticket can not be notarized, only translation can be noterized. [...]

ZAGS required: notarized translation of passport, Declaration (or certificate), notarized translation of letter from employer that you got vacation for certain period, translation of return ticket.

But I recomend to verify everything in your ZAGS, every office can have their specific requirements, its a Ukraine ))))))

2. Marriage registration, husband-Russian, wife-Russian, in Russia.

If sponsor has Russian citizenship and if they marry in Russia, then even if he has also a Canadian citizenship (Russia allows to have two citizenships) - by Russian law they must marry using Russian citizenship. It means that being in Russia sponsor must use only his Russian citizenship.

Next - you choose where you are going to register marriage: either in ZAGS near address where sponsor registered (if he has registration inside Russia, not registration in some consulate abroad), or near address where wife is registered - both versions is Ok. [SC: some sources says that address registration does not matter now - you can choose any ZAGS in Russia]

You can arrange the registration in ZAGS beforehand, or after groom arrived - about immediate registration, without waiting a month by law. First they will register you in a "regular" way (with one month waiting period). Next write a request and bring it to director (manager) of the ZAGS. Just technically - director needs an official paper that confirm your reason, a paper with russian stamp or certified translation, then director can approve you to skip the waiting. This paper can be - translation of your tickets, or letter from your job that you are on a short vecetion. I had a letter from company, that I live and work in Toronto and it was in Russian and had stamp of our Moscow department. And we been approved and registered with marriage ceremony righ away.

Next is easy - marriage certificate (originally in Russian), we got it translated and notarized. This translation we have attached to all documents sending as application to sponsor spouse to immigrate to Canada.

3. Marriage registration: husband - Canadian, wife - Russian, in Russia.

Thanks to  Irinka (Иринке) [SC: the post was corrected to provide exact info]:

For marriage registration for Canadian and Russian wife in Russia you need further documents:

1) marriage license (other names - "Certificate de Marriage", "Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage"), issued by Vital Statistics (it costs $50), then you need it to be confirmed by Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ottawa) and then confirmed (legalized, get apostille) in Russian consulate (in Ottawa or Toronto) (it costs $75 each document).
SC: other way is request this "marriage certificate" in Canadian embassy in Moscow, Russia (or Kiev, Ukraine if you marry in Ukraine). And get it confirmed (legalized, get apostille) in MID (Ministry of "Inostrannyh Del", same as Foreighn Affairs).
This marriage certificate has expiration period - three months.
2) statement from you stating your intention to marry, it must be notarized in Canada, then you need to get notarized translation in Russia.
3) notarized translation of first page of travel passport (better do it in Russia).

Note: you need second item (statement) only if your bride is going to apply for marriage registration to ZAGS before you travel to Russia. Normally ZAGS officials require both (groom and bride) persinally present when they apply for marriage.

4. Marriage registration in Canada (Vancouver).

First you need to acquire marriage license, then you can start process.

Thanks to Breeze:

This is an address where you can buy marriage licence for 100 CAD:
Coast Capital Insurance, 1075 West Georgia Street, Vancouver.

This is a web-site for searching for who can register your marriage (also about $100):

This is a common information about procedure etc.:

About time - after you got the marriage licence you can register marriage on the next day. Marriage certificate will arrive in a two weeks.

5. Marriage registration in Canada (Montreal).

Thanks to Kryng:

To register marriage in Montreal you need documents:
birth certificates (certified translation), valid passport (if you are a turist) or PR-card, or driver licence (canadian), divorce certificate (if there was a divorce, and also certified translation). However, a priest (minister) will tell you all documents you need.

You can register marriage in any russian Church (price is discussed with priest), or you can do it civil way - in restaurant, at your home, etc. To do this - get any russian newspaper and check for anouncements (classified) - for marriage registration (it costs cheaper than in Church).

Here is what I found - telephone  1-514-938-0734 they speak English and French.

6. Marriage registration in Canada (Toronto).

Thanks to Clar:

I have married in Canada. I sent to my husband - scan of my birth certificate and scan of my passport [SC: zagran, travel]. He gave it to translator and then to lawyer. When I arrived we together visited lawyer, verified something, signed and sent documents to city Thunder Bay. Do not ask me what they check there - I did not understand. This check took about one month, then they sent us "permission" (I guess) and we run to city-hall and on the next day registered our marriage. All what we had to do - my husband been told in city-hall.

Additionally, thanks to Apolinariya:

Marriage licence is valid for 3 months. But as as you been advised, probably, it is better to get it when you already have travel visa in passport.
In Ontario you have to pass additional procedure to get marriage licence for those who have divorce outside Canada.
Foreign Divorce: If you were divorced, or your marriage was dissolved or annulled outside of Canada, please request additional forms, which provide further information and instructions. A foreign divorce kit will be provided to you outlining the steps required to proceed. Note: You will forward the completed kit to the Province of Ontario, Minister of Government Services for authorization. This process could take up to 4 weeks to complete. You must get authorization from the Minister of Government Services before a marriage licence can be issued to you.

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