Внимание: с Февраля 2017 вступили в силу изменения в программу спонсирования мужа-жены.

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Dear friend,
You have found your beloved other half and are in a hurry to begin new life together in Canada. Surely you want the process of getting the visa for your spouse to be fast and successful.

Several years ago I was myself in this situation. I met a woman I dreamt about. We married and wished to live in Canada. You, and only you can understand how difficult it is to be apart with your beloved. And how unpleasant it is when your future and the future of your family depends on somebody's decision. And how difficult it is to wake up with a burning desire to touch your beloved who is on the other side of the planet 10 000 kilometers away…

First, I learnt all official instructions. I had my own urgent business and I did not plan to spend so much time, but I couldn't help it, I had to do it, and I did it. What did I find? Official instructions are oversized and spread over dozens of web-pages. Everything can be explained much esier and shorter. More importantly, their goal is to set the requirements and protect the country, not(!) to help my wife move to live with me. I don't mind laws and requirements, but in this case they do not help me.

We are in a new age and "Internet is our best friend", so I have filtered through hundreds of pages of every reachable forum and web site for sponsorship. There are practically no web-sites on this subject, except for Sponsor-Canada :) On the forums everybody wanted to help me, which is good. But as in every volunteer-based organization - there is no organization. Usually there are numerous "experts" giving absolutely contradictory advices. To top it all off, you constantly run into an endless sea of tears, emotional arguing, and bickering about who is right and wrong.

In general, I have not found a suitable description of how to prepare documents to sponsor my beloved wife. There were no convenient instructions, no explanation of what to do and how to prepare an application to get sponsorship visa. Finally, regardless of my "wants", I spent several months studying and correlating every single thing Short information.just so I could understand WHAT EXACTLY must be in the application to satisfy immigration officer and get the cherished visa.

As a result, I have managed to successfully complete the process for my wife. I thought it would be a pity to just throw away this priceless information that has now become useless to me. After discussing this with a few friends of mine, we got the idea to create a clear and complete Guide, that would help others to prepare a set of documents for a sponsorship application. So it would have a complete list of steps and actions that you have to go through. So it would have a complete list of documents that you must provide. So it would have a detailed description of how to fill in forms and attachments, where for every question there would be an example and an explanation revealing all secret "pitfalls".

And now we present the "Do it Right - 7 days Guide". We spent several months to create this web-site and the Guide. It needed formating, design and publishing on the Internet. If you consider that none of us have ever done something like this before, and that we all still have our day jobs to attend - then you can imagine how difficult this project was. But we did it and now you have it ...

The Guide – it's goal is to help you, dear friends, to get through the sponsorship process and get the visa for your wife or husband fast and successfully. Finally you will be able to sleep easy at night and be asured that you will meet your beloved one, happy, joyful, smiling at the airport and give them a warm hug as soon as possible!

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