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  1. Who needs the police certificate?
  2. What is expiration period of the certificate?
  3. How to get the certificate in Russia?
  4. How to get the certificate in Ukraine?
  5. How to get the certificate in other countries?

1) Who needs the police certificate to sponsoring spouse to Canada?

To apply to sponsor spouse to Canada - the spouse and all her(his) children 18 years old and older must obtain a police clearance certificate.

Just children? - If spouse is sponsored with other dependent relatives, then they also must obtain the police certificate (if they 18 years old or older).

If children older then 18 years old but they are not moving to Canada? Anyway it is better for them to get this police certificate (and pass the medical exam). Otherwise they might have problems, even become impossible to visit Canada as a turist.

The police certificate is needed from Russian police only? You need to get police certificate from every country where you been longer than 6 months continiously.

If I lived in Kazakstan until I was 20 years old and then I moved to Russia? Then you need certificate from Russian and Kazakstan police as well. Republics of USSR are considerate as an different countries now. You need certificate even if you lived there when they were part of USSR and it was a single country. Remember we are talking only of your period of life AFTER you become 18 years old.

"For all family members" - does it mean that sponsor needs police certificate as well? No, sponsor and children who already lives in Canada does not need police certificate.

I lived in Ukraine, but I did not registered there and did not work there? If you do not have any documents confirming you lived in some country continiously 6 months or longer, then you do not need police certificate from this country. But you should not write that you lived continiously in that country in any Form. It means - short (les than 6 months) visits are Ok, but continiously - NOT Ok.

How to get it?
- Just come and tell them that you need a police clearance certificate. You should write a request, there is a question "what for": you write that it needed for Canadian embassy, That department does not provide any other certificates. This is free of charge. They made ours during three weeks. (Sankt-Petersburg)

2) What is expiration period of the certificate to sponsor spouse to Canada?

Police certificate has expiration date - one year from the date on the certificate. You can send (include into package) certificate of any "age" - if it is not expired yet. There is info about "three months" expiry period - it comes from English part of CIC (Canada Immigration) web-site. But this is for western countries, where certificate can be issued in a several days, while even recently for some regions of Russia average issue period only was three months. So for ex-USSR countries "three months" rule is not applied. This information can be found on Russian version of CIC web-site, and this was conformed by officer from central processing center in Missisauga by phone.


But in any case - it is better if police certificate has minimum "age" when you submit documents to sponsor your spouse. Therefore you should acquire the police certificate, and pass the medical exam, at the very last moment before you submit documents.

If your police certificate already has a solid "age", then you can submit your documents earlier, as is. But then (after sponsor be approved and your file be sent to embassy) you can get another police certificate and send it to embassy, mention your immigration file number or Client ID that been given to sponsor.

The expiration is not "freezed" when you submit documents, it means if during processing the police certificate age would become more than a year - then you have to provide another one and send it to embassy. Unlike medicine - you can easily request police certificate just by yourself and send fresh one to embassy anytime. But for secondary medical exam you have to wait for special Forms from embassy.

3) How to get police certificate in Russia to sponsor spouse to Canada?

If you are living outside Russia you can contact:

Главный Информационный центр МВД РФ
Address: 117418, г. Москва, ул. Новочеремушкинская, 67
Telephone (reception): (495) 332-31-77


For Saint-Petersburg:

ГУВД Санкт-Петербурга и Ленинградской области
(812) 573-20-06
191015, Санкт-Петербург, Суворовский пр. 50-52

For Moscow:

ГУВД Московской области
(495) 667-47-96, 667-48-01
125993 г. Москва, Никитский переулок, д. 3.


For other cities of Russia you can find nearest Department(Upravleniye):

http://www.mvd.ru/contacts/sites/ - ГУВД и УВД в субъектах России


4) How to get police certificate in Ukraine to sponsor spouse to Canada?

If you are living in Ukraine then you can acquire police certificate in regional militia departments (Районне Видделения) where you have your address registration. Citizens of Ukraine can also get the police certificate in central office at address:

г. Киев, ул. Богомольца (Bogomoltsya street), д.10

Telephones: +38044-256-0333, +38044-256-1625, +38044-256-1460,


Here is story from Egersihora:

Weeeell, I will tell you a fairy tail how to get police certificate in Kiev, and I try to skip all f*** words that jumping out of me.

You arrive - from Monday to Friday to the street "ул. Владимирская 15" exactly from  10-00 to 12-00. Entrace from the side where monument of Bogdan Hmelnitsky. You need room number #2. (wWhen you enter inside, use stairs on the left). Go through the corridor and ... Oh My God! It's a heaven if there will be just about 10 people !

It's all depend on your luck and how many peolpe are need the police certificate.

Tell you first - today police certificates are made for FREE, but they made it for a month. There is a small hint - you can talk to the lady how get your documents (try to cry at the moment) that embassy requested, and the visa almost in your hands, and you desperately need it urgent... (Today that lady told me that this is possible and no additional charges)

What was today - the crowd in the tiny-little corridor was about 30 (!!!) a terrible crush and stuffiness. The line separated on those who applied and those who picked up, and entered office one by one. It was a terrible madhouse, but finally everything was Ok.

And about hologramma blanks - they are discontinued - nobody use them anymore. They give you simple standard blanks, so don't worry - and the embassy should be informed.

That's it.

5) How to get police certificate in other country to sponsor your spouse to Canada?

Now to get police certificate for Europe:



How to get police certificate for any country in the world:



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