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  1. General information
  2. Medical exam in Kiev
  3. Medical exam in  Moscow
  4. Medical exam in Saint-Peterburg
  5. Medical exam in Perm(в Перми)

1. General information on passing Medical exam to sponsor spouse to Canada.

Pass the Medical exam and get the Police certificate at the very last moment, because both those documents has expiration period - one year from the day they issued. If your process would last longer than a year then you have to order Police certificate again and pass the Medical exam again. And this secondary Medical exam means that your process and your long-awaiting meeting increased by about four months from the moment when you receive special Forms for secondary Medical exam. The secondary Medical exam needs a special request from Embassy, after they send you a special Forms that are different from regular Medical Forms. Police certificates can be done significantly faster.

In two words. First Medical exam for sponsorship everybody passes by themselves -
1) call to medical office and make an appointment,
2) take your passport (both, if you have "zagran"/travel),
3) pictures (three - five, check the number with doctor, passport size - see details below),
4) fee for the exam (how much - doctor will tell you, about 200 dollars per person),
and go ahead to the hospital. You do not need any permissions or Forms or directions from Embassy. Using your name and date of birth and Embassy city they would be able to match Medical results with your file later.

Note: Before summer 2013 all clients had to bring completed form Appendix C to their doctors appointments. Since summer 2013 no need to fill out this form.

Attention: in the hospital they give you a Form saying that you have passed the Medical exam - this Form (original) you must attach to the package that you will send to Mississauga (or Vegreville).

Note: When you read this instruction pay attention that you belong to "Family Category" and passing "up-front" Medical exam - so you DO NOT NEED FORMS FROM EMBASSY, while other categories need this (as it mentioned on that web-page).

Passport - internal (as per instructions) or travel/"zagran"  (we recommend - so the spelling of your name would be identical) or you can use any other document with your picture (this is allowed by instruction - see link above). Some doctors require you to bring travel passport/"zagran" - ask doctor when you call him(her) to make an appointment.

Pictures - three pictures passport size (i.e. as for passport), they could be color or  black and white. Some doctors ask for two pictures, some for four pictures - again ask doctor when you be making appointment.

You can pass Medical exam in any country, in your motherland, in Canada, anywhere - what important is the doctor must be authorized.

List of authorized doctors.

Universal list of doctors (English) you can find here

So, when you call doctor -
1) arrange exam date and time,
2) ask how much is the exam and what currency they request (rubles - dollars - hryvnia), do you need some "spare" money,
3) what passport they need (for yourself and for your child),
4) how many pictures (color or black-and-white).

The procedure is the same for every doctor: call way before to arrange the exam date and time (doctor may set the date at "in a two weeks"), don't forget your pictures, passport and go ahead. In hospital doctor fill in the Form, then visit medical specialists, x-ray, tests (blood, urine) and that's it.

After Medical exam. If you have any problems, then you will be notified during next three days by phone and either set another exam or ask for additional medical tests. If they did not call - everything is fine, consider you passed Medicals. Although, the final decision is made by department in London (Canada).

Attention: in hospital they give you a paper confirming that you have passed Medical exam - this paper must be sent with all other documents to Mississauga (Vegreville).

There is one general advice to pass the Medical exam: if they did not ask you about particular illness directly - then keep silent. If they ask, then answer honestly. If they did not ask, then your silence is not not a violation of the rules.

For example, two of my friends (both already in Canada for a long time), got Hepatitis "B" in their childhood, neither the one nor the other was asked about Hepatitis B, they don't ask about it (like, "have you got Hepatitis?"), so first of them was silent, and the second decided to "be honest" and he told the doctor. As a result, first passed medicals right away (because they does not test for Hepatitis B), but the other spent additionally three or four months passing more tests (successfully).

Consequently the second spent a lot of money (because some of the tests - can be made in Moscow only) and a lot of nerves for those additional tests. Some medical organizations able to find "death" decease in any case. That guy got on tests Hepatitis DNA at the level of 10 000, as he find out later - this level can be found in a clean tube (for real decease minimum level should be 60 000 000).  Guess what they told him in that hospital - they offered him "in-hospital treatment", sure it costs a big box of money. F*** specialists.



2. Medical exam in Kiev to sponsor spouse to Canada.

1) Thanks to Cherry:

Instructions for Kiev is here

2) 22.11.2010, Thanks to Tanulka:

Medical exam in Kiev costs 160 dollars (fall 2010 year). It is good to have additional money in case if you need to retest something [SC: usually it is an X-Ray]... But there was a woman who had to retest X-Ray and they did not charge her additionally, she had a cardiostimulator, and wires covered something, and she been retested, and everything was Ok, and she said she did not paid additional fee.
It is better to call them at 10am, I managed to make a call. Arrange exam. It is better to have exam at 11am, some time after opening, so there is no waiting lines, less people and you can passs easier. When you arrive, they call you to room #102, you fill in papers there, attach pictures, and they will direct you where to go then, write down rooms you have to visit. Then you make analysis. Some rush to make X-Ray, this room has biggest line, because they have many patients from cardio department and those tested ahead of line. They asked us (going to Canada) let others (to other countries) go first, because we can wait, when they can't. Well, there was no line after 13:00. X-Ray pictures delivered directly to doctor and he will call you. I had my medical records with me, but nobody asked for it. The Doctor asked if I had the surgery, fractures, etc. I did not have any, so I said - no. And the doctor make records from your words, even don't look at you, and type something into computer. Then doctor looks at the veins of the legs, touch the lymph nodes, chest, abdomen, then measure the pressure and that's it. Probably if you had surgery then doctor would ask your medical records. By the way, our local hospital can give you your records to keep at home, I do. I work ay school and I have special medical statement, I pass medical exam every September. But they did not ask for it.
Well, everybody good luck with your Medical exam!!!!

3. Medical exam in Moscow to sponsor your spouse to Canada.

1) 29.7.2010, Thanks to yankOOu:

Probably somebody find it helpful. How I passed Medical exam... Today I just passed Medical exam! I came to MOM at 9-00 (as I arranged). I brought passport, 4 pictures, I filled in Form [SC: Appendix C]. Same time there were 6 more people for Medical exam. Me and one more girl by "Family category", others applied for student visa.

First we all were registered. The girl [SC:receptionist] checked passport, then me. Filled in that green Form[SC: the final receipt, given after exam]. And other Forms for blood test and X-Ray. Then had main receptionist put stamp on it. They gave me a copy and will send other results to London themselves. I paid cashier 200 US for that exam. Then they took me to blood tests and X-Rays to the hospital. Blood for AIDS test, syphilis and something else (they mark themselves).

In X-Ray laboratory there was a neurotic old woman (she made the X-ray). It is very indignant that everybody move slow and you need to tie your hair, because if even a single hairs get into picture, then you would have to retake it. She complained that everybody moving to somewhere, some to Australia, some to Canada, but she have to stuck here for whole life. I thought to tell her, so everybody has their own fate... but changed my mind. Then she signed the Form, and gave picture and Form to me, and told me to do not tauch the picture. I brought this to other room where was main X-ray specialist. He is so kind man (better to have more such a doctors). He look at the picture, wrote conclusion, signed and wished me happiness and healthy kids (he said the air in Canada is very clean) and said, why are so beautiful girls are moving away? Well, my mood rose after this, as before I was very nervous.

Then we went back to MOM. To that main doctor, she is probably physician. Main. Who make general conclusion, final. They measured my height and weight. Asked list of questions about illnesses, did I got some. Did I have in-hospital treatment. Did I have surgery. Am I taking medication at the moment. I denied all. Then asked what is my profession, and am I going to work same in Canada? (She printed everything into computer). Then she measured blood pressure. Then asked me undress till waist and "listened" my front and back. She checked my hands and breast. My shoulders and neck for some reason. Then asked to remove pants but stay in panties. Then looked at my legs. Then said to dress up. Asked about eyes. But did not check. I said I don't know details, but don't use glasses.

At the end she asked to make urine test. They gave me small glass and showed washroom, I did it. (Then her assistant came there and I do not know what she did there ... )) experimented with my glass). Also she looked at the X-ray results and said, that they will get blood test results on the next day and will send everything to London on Friday.

And they said that half doctors in MOM and half in other hospital its a temporary inconvenience... don't remember why. Aftre August 9th all move together in one place.

4.Medical exam in Saint-Peterburg to sponsor your spouse to Canada.

Same as in previous. Just want to add that out of three doctors in Piter - Passing in Perevalova's hospital (med-sanchast 122) is much easier and faster - she does not check as thorough as Rudinskiy (american clinic).

At the same time, in Rudinskiy's hospital, in his clinic almost no patients, they are very careful, well also is very good.

When Samohvalova (MEDEM) - scrupulously scrupulously digging, harder than others.

In October 2010 payment was - 5500 rubles per person plus 2000 rubles as a mail fee, in Perevalova hospital. In Rudinsliy hospital - 6000 rubles per person and 1700 as a mail fee. So if you are with a child then mail fee will be charged once.

- - - - -
From Forum thanks to unknown:
In Americam clinic(Rudinskiy) all was much pleasant then in MedSanChast (Perevalova). No patients, doctor is very tactful and polite. Difference is 500 rubles. In MedSanChast there were a lot of people (patients), everybody was complaining - why paid patients are served ahead of others (free), they can be rude, waiting is loooong.
Perevalova is helping to fill in th Form [SC: second Form, not Appendix C] - she fill in many items herself (about alcohol and smoking, etc). When I was taking X-Ray I had to wait for a long time, I was not able to go ahead of non-paid line. And for blood test - also a line to laboratory.

In American clinic - assistant picked us up from the entrance, and was with us all the time, guided from room to room, brought us to doctor, we got X-Ray test, two doctors were looking at X-Ray (rentgenolog and Rudinskiy) and then assistant took us to other specialists, no waiting, no people, no lines, we dod not wait for anything, my son was worried of blood test, so they did it as he even did not noticed. Thet were very caring - doctor run for X-Ray pictures himself, three floors down and up.

While the check itself - Perevalova just up the T-shirt, listened, even pants did not touch, asked to bend and that's it.
In Rudinski clinic I had to undress completely till panties - he checked everything, legs, nails, vision, etc etc. Perevalova filled in Forms by herself, so to make it faster. When Rudinskiy just stood near and helped. Ridinskiy used some equipment to check nose and ears, Perevalova does not have those equipment.
Perevalova is in a regular low level clinic.

5. Medical exam in Perm(Пермь) to sponsor spouse to Canada.

Thanks to Elena M:

I passed the Medical exam in Perm (I live in Nizhniy Novgorod). I went there because it was much more expensive in Moscow. And I did not want load relatives in the middle of working week. In Perm, my husband's best friend met me, took me to doctor Emil Shmeyerovich  exceptionally kind person!!!!

I made all tests, doctor checked me, asked with details about my health, although it was not necessary... I brought my medical records, inoculation list, (he took a look at it), ultrasonic test ( I am a girl and thought it is needed). And I had ECHO tests, because I had surgery near heart in my childhood. He said that I am a good girl, that its good I brought all this, especially ECHO, and said that all is Ok, and he write this in conclusion.

Then he drove ma on his own car to a medical center, but they had their X-Ray device broken and no info when they fix it. Thanks to him a lot, he found another one, got agreed and we visited that clinic together and they made X-Ray fast and he was waiting with me until we got results.

Then he took me to the city center so my friends could pick me up. All tests (tests, check up, X-Ray) costs 7000 rubles, and took about 1,5 hours, he did not charge me for helping and driving. It nice that we still have such a pleasant and kind people around.

^ Наверх